About Us
First Life Insurance

Picture the future. Let us take you there.

We pride ourselves in our solid, innovative business model and extensive distribution network, which have led and continue to lead to achievements in the insurance market.

We uphold the belief that every individual deserves to be fully secured, and make all-inclusive financial blueprints that strengthen our customers’ financial positions and take them to their desired future.

Our Mission

Founded in 2008 under First Financial Holding Co., we create products that satisfy the different insurance needs of our customers, focusing on diverse aspects that range from health care coverage to comprehensive retirement plans. Through our professional products and service, we help our customers map out a promising future, where both financial wealth and wealth of mind await.

We proudly stand by our aspiration to create an environment where everyone can be fully insured, and also firmly shoulder our share in social responsibilities and pursuing sustainable development. This is why we actively promote the transformation of insurance companies backed by domestic banks, to ensure protection insurance can be sold through bank channels.

First Financial Holding Co., Ltd. (FFHC)

FFHC was incorporated on January 2, 2003 with First Commercial Bank as its flagship entity, and is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under stock code 2892.

About FFHC

First Commercial Bank, the flagship entity of FFHC, was established in Taiwan in 1899, with approximately 190 domestic branches. Over the century, FFHC has grown and excelled alongside the Taiwanese society and economy, successfully establishing a comprehensive financial information service system.

FFHC boasts its high-quality and diversified digital financial service. The advantages and business opportunities of both online and offline channels have been actively integrated to complement marketing results and enhance services provided to customers.

FFHC lives by its "Customer first, service foremost" philosophy, which paved the road to strong relationships with more than five million customers. To satisfy the long-term interests of not only its customers, but also its shareholders and employees, FFHC proceeds to improve services and operational performance, and expand operational scales.

With its forward-looking and innovative business strategy and operating model, FFHC seeks to open up new markets and attract new customer segments to benchmark its niche, regional and digital markets, while cultivating a culture built on happiness and well-being.

For more information, please refer to the FFHC official website.